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Investing with Equities

Within the equity investment universe, some believe that a professionally managed portfolio cannot beat something as basic as an equity index fund over the long haul. We believe that the key in attempting to beat the averages lies in employing a time-tested strategy based on a proper analysis of well known investment criteria, while removing human emotion from the stock selection process.

Past Performance

Our goal is to have an average long term benefit of 4% per year over both the S&P500 and DJIA. Performance is net performance, considering all commissions and fees, as well as all interest and dividends obtained, in the model account. There is no guarantee that future predictions of common stock performance will be accurate.

Asset Management

We also offer full asset management services to our clients. In addition to the Geneva model, we typically include small cap, international, bonds, etc.. This results in a fully diversified mixture of investments designed specifically to meet client needs and risk tolerance. Please visit our Asset Management section for further details.