Corporate tax inversion revisited

Whether US companies are admitting it or not, as long as they place their priorities on satisfying their shareholders, they will continue to look in all corners either make more money or save more money.  This is the reality.  As a result, more and more companies have at least attempted to

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Featured stock Q1 2014

Featured stock:

An example of a high quality equity which we have recently included in our portfolio is as follows:

Microsoft (MSFT)

The Geneva Group Model recently confirmed inclusion of Microsoft (MSFT) for another year in the model.  MSFT gained 40% including dividends for the year from mid March, 2013 to mid March, 2014,

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Natural gas boom continues


Interest remains keen in natural gas production from shale reserves in the US.  In fact, as the map above shows (red areas), North America has more assessed basins of shale oil than any other region of the world, leading some to believe that future shale oil and gas production and exports will

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